Hi friends!

So, this last weekend I was in Paris from late Thursday night to Saturday evening, a very short we had to squeeze everything we possibly could in! This was my first real weekend excursion during this semester abroad and I was beyond excited when we were on our way to the airport. First of all, we were flying RyanAir, which is a budget airline that allows you to get really cheap flights for destinations throughout Europe. However, the airports that they fly in and out of are more remote airports usually an hour or so outside of the city center. So, you need to take shuttles to and from both your departure and destination airports. It lends itself to a lot more travel time than necessary, but saves you some money most of the time.

I originally wanted to study in Paris, convinced that it would be the best place to gain culinary experience and knowledge. However, there was no program there that would transfer credits back to Cornell, and the program in Florence looked awesome. So, I settled for Florence (poor me…). Anyways, I had several foods on my list that I felt were typical Parisian/French foods (whether that is actually true or not..) that I needed to try while in the massive, beautiful city of Paris. And, of course, there are endless amazing landmarks, museums, churches, and other tourist attractions that I wanted to go to also.

By the end of it, I felt that I had eaten and seen everything I “needed” to while in Paris. To name a few sites, we went to: The Louvre, Notre Dame, the Love Lock Bridge, Montmarte, the Opera house, Lafayette Galleries, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Eiffel Tower. Additionally, we climbed both the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. We didn’t let a moment go to waste, as you can tell.

And then there was the food! Literally, I don’t know if I’ve eaten so well consistently for an entire weekend in my life. I probably gained 10 pounds on this trip, but I did not hate it one bit. Every single ounce was better than the next. I had lots of cheese, lots of wine, crepes, MACAROONS, baguette, steak frites, beef with bernaise sauce, a tartiflette (ham, cheese, and potato gratin), and this amazing lamb shank cooked for nine hours with whole prunes in it. Some food pictures are below:

Cheese! Slow-cooked lamb with prunes Tartiflette Beef with bernaise sauceMacaroons!!

Gotta go pack for Vienna and Salzburg!!! What is my life? I’ll check back in this week with a recipe or two!


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